Tuesday, 8 September 2009

At last I get to do a bit of crafting

Last week I was helping my friend to move into her new house and spent two whole days there.  What with sorting our own house and decorating I hadn't got to make ANYTHING and by yesterday afternoon I couldn't stop thinking about making something, it was ridiculous, it was on my mind all the time.  Well.....it got to about 16:30 and I couldn't stand it anymore and grabbed my craft mat and some card an started inking it up, but I was miffed because I couldn't use my heat gun as Andy was on the phone to a client and I didn't want it to sound like someone was drying their hair in the background.  Well what to make I thought and the smallest and quickest thing to start was a book tag.  My friend came around for dinner and for the evening and Andy got a DVD that I had been wanting to see from the shop and I still wanted to craft, so I made Andy clear his desk and brought my friend into the office after dinner where she too made a card, lol.  The funny thing is that she said "shall we watch that movie" and I replied (selfishly) "no, I want to craft tonight".....how bad is that eh!  She made a card for her friend who was in labour so she didn't know if it was a boy or girl, so she opted for green, I made a tag and I am okay again now I've had my fix, lol.
I am now inflicting my mania onto my friends, but credit to her, this is only the second card she has made and although I showed her how to emboss she designed it all herself, she has potential to get hooked and it's all my fault.


brenda said...

Hi Carol

Movie/crafting, no contenst !

I adore this tag, the fairy image is lovely and the gold over the lilac flowers works really well.

B x

Janette said...

love the tag. The card is good too especially as she's not a die hard crafter. Ha Ha funny though that your're so addicted you need a regular fix - oh what a monster I created!!!!

love ya,

Carolands said...

Yes, it was you who got me into this in the first place and I thank you from the bottom of my purse...oops I mean heart xx

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