Monday, 25 July 2011

My First Little Quilt

This is my first attempt at quilting.  I attend a weekly class and everything on here has been done by hand, which is why it took a long time to complete.  I would love to make another one in different colours as they look completely different each time.  Everyone in our class made one and they were all different.  I like the 3D effect of the flowers and the way the vase has puffed up after quilting the background.  My binding could have been a bit neater, but hopefully will next time!


Sherry Edwards said...

It's beautiful Carol! I love the 3 D effect of the flowers and the leaves and all the tiny stitching in the background - fantastic! I bet you're hooked on them now x

Janette said...

that's fabulous - how come we didn't see it when we were down at yours?


Carol said...

Janette, everything was such a rush last weekend I had meant to show you because it looks better in the flesh.....never mind. Thank you for my pressie I love it and will get around to putting on here when I get a moment xx

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