Sunday, 31 January 2010

Learned To Crochet!

I have been hibernating a little bit, since we had the bad weather and a couple of illnesses over Christmas and New Year, but have really enjoyed watching TV (which is not like me) and sitting and crocheting, yes I said crocheting.  I like most of you readers have done some sort of craft all your life, learning a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  Knitting and crocheting was never something I really mastered and although an Italian lady that I worked with taught me to crochet many moons ago when I was a teenager I couldn't remember how to until my Sister-In-Law showed me once again on New Year's weekend, well I had a cushion that my Mother-In-Law bought me last Christmas, which is lovely, but it is a cushion, tapestry style with a Christmas scene on it, so this is it's new cover for 11months of the year!  I learned how to make the rose on youtube and worked out how to make some leaves, the buttons I found in the bottom of my sewing box (probably from some old garment) and the wool cost me £2.38, oh and I bought a selection of crochet needles from the charity shop, which I cleaned with some surgical spirit.......WHAT A BARGAIN EH!  I am quite pleased with my efforts and already have a design for cushion number two.  I haven't stopped paper crafting, just had a break really and really enjoyed doing something different and something that is a bit more sociable!
Again, the scalloped edging was a tuturial I found on youtube.

For those people who have already left a message saying how impressed they are I want to assure you that I am no expert and this was so easy and that the scalloped edge and the rose was so simple, so don't be afraid to give it a try because you WILL be able to do it. Inspiration can be sought out at Attic24 and recommend that you hop over and have a look at her blog.



Jan said...

Ooh... hello Carol! The cushion cover is LOVELY and beautifully made. I haven't done any for years and what I did do was very simple... but I found it very relaxing (probably becuase what I was doing WAS simple and therefore I didn't have to use my brain lol) Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. Love the little flower too by the way

lisa said...

Clever you, Carol. I am seriously impressed. I never really mastered knitting or crochet and can just about manage to knit a scarf, which I wear with pride ever winter, fallen stitches and all! Your cushion is just lovely with it's beautiful rose.
It is so nice to have a crafting change sometimes isn't it, you get back to paper crafting all refreshed and raring to go.
By the way, thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog.


Sally H said...

Well done Carol! I take my hat off to you. As a left hander in a family of right handers I never really managed to master knitting and crochet. I learned right handed and then was soooo slow. My aunt and my Mum were very talented though... off to try youtube for left handed tutorials!

Jamie said...

Carol, love it it's fab - that's something else that will keep you busy now too. what you making next? I'm still finishing my granny blanket 150 squares done so another 50 to go. keep hooking - in the none street walking sense of course. xx

Jamie said...

obvously that comment is from me not jamie - crumbs can you imagine if he'd said the hooker/hooking thing - he'd be permanently fixed to that naughty step. lol
Janette xx

lesleyanne said...

lovely cushion
i call these crafts comfort crafts ideal for the colder weather
easy too do curled up in front of the fire
hugs lesley x

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