Sunday, 13 June 2010

first post in a month - Ecoline Inks

I thought I'd sign in and let you all know that I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth.  I have been crafting, just not taking any photos, I am reliant on Andy's camera, which gives a much sharper image than mine, but he has mislaid the charger, doh.  

I have been crocheting, embroidering and of course card crafting.  I have just started a six week course "creative needlework" and have started an embroidered landscape, hopefully it will be good enough to show on here, I do hope so :)  I also went on a "freeform crochet" class just for one day which I enjoyed immensely and picked up a few good techniques/tips.  Will show my finished products when they are finished, lol.  In between all of that I am crocheting a throw - 30 squares to make and I am just about to start the fourteenth, so nearly halfway! Oh....and I nearly forgot - I eventually bought some Ecoline and absolutely love it, I have been dying everything in sight with it - great for dying trimmings.  The great thing is that it is not expensive at all, under £2/bottle which is very cheap compared to other inks.

This is a card I have made for my Sister to give to her friend.  Used an old favourite, but this time coloured it in with Ecoline, using it like a watercolour, fab stuff.  I do like my green so made it the main colour AGAIN.  The edging is green shiney bias binding that I bought from an Asian shop in a London market, it frayed a bit at the bottom, but I rather like the effect, will wrap it over next time.

Well....I won't leave it so long next time.....bfn x

PS: For those who don't know what Ecoline is you can find some good tutorial at Stamping Matilda's blog and I bought mine at Graphicus.


My name is CINDY...... said...

Hi Carol, annoying isn't it when your technology holds you up!! I love this stamp too, although I don't have it in my collection (keep hoping I'll pick it up second hand somewhere)and you've made a beautiful card. Don't know what ecoline is..... no can't be another thing I MUST try surely??? Can't wait to see your crochet creations - only ever learnt to go round and round in circles and probably couldn't do that now. xx

lisa said...

Lovely to see you again, Carol, although it sounds like you've been keeping yourself busy. Your needlework course sounds very interesting.
Your card is beautiful although like Cindy, I don't know what ecoline is either!!!
Hope your Monday has gone well.
Hugs Lisax

Godelieve said...

What a beauty Carol! Love how you colored in the image with ecoline.
Thanks for the link :)

Sounds like you've been very busy! Hope to see your creations soon.

Jamie said...


so glad your're back on here (says me) The card is lovely and I love the colours from the inks - ecoline have a huge range of colours too so that will keep you busy won't it. I've not made a card for soooo long now it seems strange but I'm still loving the crochet and have started on a little machine embroidery project which I'm hoping with any luck will be the main part of tons of Christmas presents this year. Will keep you posted.

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