Monday, 10 May 2010

Sharing a Birthday

Well tomorrow I will be the grand age of 53 :( and I share my birthday with a neighbour who is I think going to be thirteen, lucky her :).  Every year we look at each other and say "happy birthday" at exactly the same time, which always makes us laugh 

This is the card I have made.  I haven't done much lately in the way of paper craft and I always find it hard to get back into, I kept changing my mind about which paper I would use and it seemed to take me ages.  I'm still not sure whether I actually like the card or not, lol. 
I have had this stamp for a while now and never actually made anything with it, but it is ideal for teenagers.  I stamped it with Versamark and covered with black embossing powder and heated.  I used water colours for the image, the flowers are stuck on with Glossy Accents.


Sherry said...

I like your card, it has a hand drawn look about it - I think it's great for a teenager too or even for someone who's forty twelve - or approaching forty thirteen!! Have a great birthday tomorrow :)))))

lisa said...

Hi Carol. I'm sending you lots of Birthday wishes for tomorrow. I hope you have a lovely day, are you doing anything special.
Your card for your neighbour is beautiful, just perfect for a teenager.
I love your butterfly card from your last post too, what a stunning stamp.
Happy Birthday


brenda said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Carol, mine next month and when you hit this side of that number you feel like going backwards don't you.

They say as old as you feel, so I reckon that must be about 90 lately. We all need sun and warmth.

It's a great card by the way, beautiful image.

Sally H said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Carol! I hope you get spoiled rotten! Your card is beautiful. I'm sure your neighbour will love it.

Jamie said...

hi, You look loads younger than your years so I wouldn't worry too much. I think it's a perfect card for a teenager. really good. I hope you've had a fab day, lots of fun. Tried to ring you before but no answer so I'm guessing your're out somewhere for the evening. take care and I'll speak to you tomorrow. keep smiling.

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