Friday, 27 November 2009

My First Christmas Card for 2009

At last I have started making Christmas cards for this year.  Spent most of last night making tiles and embellishments ready to make up, but actually put one together.  These are old stamps that I haven't used for a long time, I think they are Anita's four seasons stamps.  Anyway....first one out of the way.....a few more to go, lol.  Have some left over from last year, which is good.

The stamps are inverted stamps and I stamped them onto mirror card and used embossing powders.  Inked over the top with alcohol inks and finally a little bit of household wax polish to seal.  Silver glitter pen used for the winter stamp.  The wax brings back the shine as the alcohol inks can make it go a bit dull on the embossed surface.  I have made up a few more of these tiles as I think they make a colourful card.


Stephanie said...

You are so creative Carol & I love this effect - what a luxurious card :)

Did you put your name down for the Make & Take hun? Such a shame cause you are so local!

Have a great weekend
Love Steph xxx

Godelieve said...

Wow, those tiles look really fantastic!

brenda said...

Intersting technique Carol, you say the polish seals the inks, but just wonder what sort of polish as some stay stickly, well on furniture anyway. Or do you need to buff it up ?

Goodness me, I might give the wrong impression here and people think I do housework, it's just a memory from pre crating times. Now I use little tissues that come out of a pack and go into the bin after a quick swish here are there - only occasionally mind you.

B x

Carolands said...

Godelieve and Steph & Brenda, thank you all for your lovely comments x

Brenda, of course we won't think that you do housework, what crafter gets around to that? I often use household wax polish and buff it up after, all my mirrors have that finish, it brings the colour out a bit like glossy accents for example does and it always leaves a nice finish to the touch.

Christine (Craftling) said...

Classic elegance. Superb technique. Inspirational.

Chris xx

lisa said...

Hi Carol. These cards are stunning. I love the tiles. They look like they have real depth, who'd have thought they started life as mirror card. You are so creative.
Thank you for your lovely comments, I'm going to try the gold embossing with that stamp, I don't know why but it's sat in my box for years and I always do the same thing with it. It's a lovely stamp like you say but I think I just lacked inspiration.
I've been reading about the polish, that's another great tip I shall be trying.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Sally H said...

What a lovely idea! Very pretty x

Susie Jefferson said...

Very classy. How nice to see something a bit different!

Lynn Stevens said...

Congrats on your first Christmas card done!!!! I know what you mean I barely got started myself. Its coming all to fast, Love your card and I be watching for the rest.

Shannon said...

Loveley, lovely Christmas card. What a way to start them off, with this exquisite piece of artwork. I haven't started mine either. I better get on it.

I would love to know where you bought a couple of your stamps, for instance I love some of the fairy stamps I've seen on your blog.

You do really beautiful artwork.

Pattie said...

These cards are lovely,very clever,and inspiring,I,m proberly going to buy a box this year,I just cant face the cardmaking ,i,m finding it difficult to get back into the paper art,we will see :-] have a lovely Xmas

Jennie said...

Great card and what a good idea!

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