Saturday, 27 March 2010

Connie's Birthday!

A birthday hanging for our friends' daughter who will be seven next week.  
A little wall hanging/card made from balsa wood, so it's nice an light plus you can write on the back easily and use it as a card and that is what I have done  I have chosen to use this stamp again as a) I really like it and b) it does resemble Connie a little.  I have bought her a lovely little knitted dress, crocheted her a scarf with bright flowers on, which I have forgotten to photograph and wrapped it up - will have to take a photo of her modelling it and will find a CD for her as she is getting a new stereo for her bedroom.  I was still getting dollies bought me at that age, fast they grow up these days.
I inked up the stamp (free with Craft Stamper) with coffee Ranger ink pad and stamped into the white clay and left to air dry.  The gold is gilt cream applied with my finger and I added a little glossy accents to the circles.  The balsa wood I painted with emulsion, firstly with orange and then a cream colour over the top and then sanded to smooth the balsa wood and to show some of the orange underneath.  The wood was stamped and a touch of gold gilt cream added to the edges.
I added three different ribbons/fibres to hang it with.


Sally H said...

Stunning! I've not used that stamp yet. I must get it out and have a go!

TonyaA said...

Gorgeous little creation!
Blessings and love,

Godelieve said...

So beautiful! Love that you stamped in clay, looks great!!

Jamie said...


that's lovely I'm sure Connie will love it. And yes girls are certainly growing up faster than we did as I can see from Neil's neices - can't believe that Chloe will be 16 this year - I still think of her as my little bridesmaid. Really looking forward to seeing you both at the weekend.


brenda said...

Hi Carol

Seems Mr Blogger is laying havoc with yor blog as well adn eating all the pictures temporarily.

So cant see your wall handing unfortunately, but will try and come back when he's got over his Monday blues.

B x

Chris said...

Carol your wall hanging is divine... I love the stamp and how you used it on the clay...brilliant.
Chris xx

p.s. I was amazed when I saw your altered mirror... I just completed a similar one which I'm putting on my blog tomorrow... great minds think

Chris xx

My name is CINDY...... said...

Love it!!

Heavens2Betsy said...

Beautiful wall hanging Carol. Lovely piece x

Lynn Stevens said...

Adorable and I'm sure she Loved it!

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