Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Faux Metal Frame

Inspired by an article in the last Craft Stamper Magazine I fell in love with the little Faux Metal trinket box, and also by an earlier article of a mirror covered in embossed metal.   Alas I haven't got the machine to make the lovely embossing on the card (a Cuttlebug) and didn't have any metal or other equipment to make the embossing.....so I set out to make my own version and it was quite simple.......first I took some gold and silver mirror card and clear embossed a Tim Holtz stamp on it.  After I painted it with black paint and rubbed off the excess and from then on I just kept trying different things, e.g. alcohol inks, pearlescent acrylic paint and ended up with four A7 pieces like this: -

Sorry the photo isn't very good and too late to do another one as I cut them into appropriate sized strips for my frame.  I arranged them on the frame after covering the edges and inside from with gold gilt cream and then stuck my mosaic pieces on.  It isn't perfect but now I want to try with some other stamps.

And.......a close up

My photography is always a bit naff as I am impatient and always take the photo at night, but it does really look like it is made with metal.  Incidently, this frame along with another was rescued as my friend was going to throw them in a skip, she was being ruthless and a few friends who were there helping her were taking things out as she was throwing them in.....all you altered artists would have been INSIDE the skip I think, I am still wishing that I took more than I did, but had just finished decorating and didn't want to "clutter" the house up....silly me :-(


My name is CINDY...... said...

Clever girl!! Another great idea to try, just love your experiments you really do think outside the box. Thanks for visiting me, I am doing very well now thank you and my sight is nearly all settled now. Just one of the many hazards of getting older unfortunately!!

Christine (Craftling) said...

Wow! That is brilliant, Carol! Looks really effective! You've inspired me to have a go. Now, if you could just arrange for a few more hours in the day for me, that would be great. Thanks. lol ;o)

Chris xx

brenda said...

This looks great Carol, another one inspired to have a go here.

I watched someone on the TV the other day colouring little tins with TH inks and as I had no tins, cut up some metal into leadt shapes and really quite enjoyed myself. This looks like the next step for me.

b x

lisa said...

I loved this article too Carol and tried embossing mirricard and colouring with alcohol inks for a scrapbook layout I was doing where I wanted my title to look like metal. It works so well doesn't it. I do have a cuttlebugged so it was easy but I'm really impressed with your results doing it all by hand. Your frame looks fantastic.


Sally H said...

That looks brilliant! I really thought it was metal until I read what you had done!Love the colours too x

Lynn Stevens said...

So clever! Who needs a cuttlebug when you can come up with ideas like that! Awesome!!!

Susie Jefferson said...

These are amazingly effective, and a very clever alternative to those embossing thingies (I don't have one either). You should write into Craft Stamper - that frame would make an ace article.

Thanks for visiting me and the vote of confidence. I feel a little better now!

Sherry said...

That really does look like metal - great idea and end result! This is my first visit to your blog and I don't think it'll be my last!

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