Saturday, 28 February 2009

No Headache Today!!!!!

Relieved that I woke up with no headache, which is nice because I have to get ready for our weekend away. Yesterday I had to post three cards off as I have birthdays for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so thought I'd post them early. Decided what jewellery I would take with me and needed a pair of earrings, so after just one hours tuition was able to just "knock a pair up", very simple, but I needed matching colours and you just wouldn't find them when you need them in the shops.

Usually, the post takes ages, but Sod's law meant that yes, they got them this morning! This is made from one of my favourite stamps, the two angels hugging each other sums up friendship to me, so printed the word "Friends" through the computer onto some basic grey paper - I love Basic Grey papers. Have put some acetate over the top of a black stamped image and coloured the acetate with alcohol inks, gives a nice effect, I think. Janette gave me this stamp as she didn't like it much, but I have put it to much use.

The one below was made a while ago and when I went through my collage phase, I quite like the colours, which was made up of black stazeon and metalic paints.

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Tonje said...

Happy to hear your headache has gone. Did you by any chance send it to Norway? I woke up with a killing headache! lol
Gorgeous cards you have made. I love the colors you used on them combined with the beautiful stamps.

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