Monday, 16 March 2009

Alcohol Inks Today!

Needed to make a card for my neighbour's children to give to their Mum on Sunday and completely had crafters block, all I knew was that there had to be a flower on it! Decided to get out my alcohol inks as I found a nice piece of thick glossy card and was away, then got stuck on what to do, so after making about three or four toppers came up with this card. It was one of those times when you are making it and not liking it and then it only all comes together when it is actually finished.....well I think it has. Have another Mother's day card to make, plus one for my Sister's 60th birthday and then will have to start on wedding invites that I am doing for friends.

Off to knitting club tonight though, so it will have to be tomorrow now.


Godelieve said...

Oh, these are gorgeous!!

Carolands said...

Thank You!

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