Sunday, 8 March 2009

New wool arrived today

Had a really nice day today. First stop was a visit to a craft shop in Halstead, very quick stop just to buy some pearlescent card for some wedding invitations I am making. Then I met a friend for lunch whom I haven't seen in about 11-12 years and it was like I had seen her only yesterday, apart from we are both a bit fatter, greyer and now have bags under our eyes and our two little blonde boys now live in Australia and Bermuda, we don't feel like we have gotten any older, but the proof is all around us, lol. When I came home I was really surprised on two things 1) Andy had cleaned some windows (inside and out) and was weeding the front garden, seems that row we had yesterday did some good then (that's not fair I know) and 2) The postman had been and I had received some wool I had ordered from the lady in Chorley Market, enough for me to knit two felted bags. I have too many projects on the go at the moment, but will get them all done - wedding invites have to take priority really, but I have a week's worth of Eastenders to catch up with tomorrow, so will start some knitting.
Well.....suppose I best get to bed now.

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