Thursday, 26 March 2009

wedding invitations

Yesterday I finally made a start on some designs for our friend's wedding invitations. They have chosen the colour scheme, approved the dried flower and chosen the stamp for the cards, so now up to me to come up with some brilliant designs for them to chose from. I have been racking my brains to try and give them a guide to chose from and thought I would only need to create about four different designs, but I am finding that I am not happy yet, so why should they be so I will soldier on and create more. Anyway....these are what I have done so far, they are only rough and I know it's their choice ultimately, but I can't offer them something I don't even like very much myself now can I.


Janette said...


I really like the invitations especially the gatefold one (probably cos it stands out to me from the others just by being folded differently perhaps). I'm sure your friends will be happy with them. I also love your felted bag how pretty it is. Love the shape too - is the new one you are doing the same shape? I'm making a hexagon blanket this time it's quite good fun so far but then I have only been doing it for two days. By the way realised that we never sorted out your subscription for your christmas pressie and now I can't remember whether it was rubber stamper or craft stamper you wanted - or is there a different mag you fancy, just let me know and we'll sort it out. Hopefully feeling better tomorrow than I have done today.

take care

Carolands said...

Thanks for your input Janette, I am just about to do another gate fold one funnily enough, but I think a single rose looks better....they can chose. Yes, I am really pleased with the felted bag and the other one I have started is the same. What is a hexagon blanket? Hope you feel better soon xx

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