Tuesday, 12 May 2009

My Birthday

Aren't mornings nice when it is your birthday. I woke up to money, a cheque, some flowers, some of my favourite perfume and some beautiful cards, received calls from family and friends, even my Sister on holiday in Malta, which was a surprise. Spent the day doing a bit of work, went to the gym, came home and had a bath, put some make-up on and went out with Andy for a drive in this lovely sunshine and then for a meal, when we got home received another lovely present from my neighbour next door, I shall post a photo on here tomorrow.....a lovely day!

A card from Australia (from my Son) and a card made by Janette, isn't it beautiful, she doesn't need to buy stamps and may I add very nice words inside Janette xx

and my friend from Canada e-mailed me this: -

Hiya peanut

Just wanted to say Happy birthday

She knits, she sews
She loves to craft
She's clever with her hands
You give this girl a piece of string
She'll make you something grand
She's always there to give advice
She's knows more than she'll say
So that is why I like to wish you
All the best on your birthday

You're the best Carol, can't wait to see you in a week.


Jo xxxxxxx

and.....I love it that no matter what the weather is doing outside I always see this burst of sunshine in my spare bedroom window and it is always in flower on my birthday :)

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Janette said...

ahh so glad you liked that card. The words from Jo are lovely and very true.

so glad you had a nice day and the view from the window is beautiful.

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