Monday, 20 July 2009

Hannah and Lyndon's Wedding

Another wedding, we seem to have our fair share of them this summer - this one is in Cornwall so looking forward to taking the trip down and meeting up with family. Inked up the background on ivory pearlescent card and embossed the hearts & script stamp (an old Anita's stamp). It's always important to get a good photo of your work, but I don't seem to be achieving this just lately and the problem with anything shiny is you always get a reflection. so I took this one from above. Anyway I hope it is good enough for you to see the card. I have taken a photo of the centre so it can be seen a bit better.


Jodi said...

This is so pretty! I love the gold on the pink and how you used the rose!!
Jodi =)


i really love your banner you made it yourself didnt you? its really cool. i love the book cover at the bottom where did you learn to do that? did i tell you hannays is no longer having classes as its closing at christmas, it is moving some of the craft and art stuff to the book shop. im moving with them but some people havnt been so lucky. Becky x

Pattie said...

This beautiful !just loving your blog :-]

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