Thursday, 24 September 2009

CD Clock

My friend has just moved into a lovely little house and the only clock she had was a lovely slate one, but the hour hand was broken and was going to throw it out......"Oh I can fix that"  I said and promptly took it away - tonight I finally get around to fixing it only to find that my clock mechanisms which I bought ages ago and never used (as you do) we for making clocks out of CDs, hence it didn't fit the thickness of the clock made of slate.  While I had these pieces out I thought I'd make one and see if they work.  I already had the round decorated paper so in about ten minutes or so I made this.  I have hung it rather crudely from a paper clip and it is sitting a bit wonky, but I think I rather like it.  The paper was decorated with Alcohol Inks on rather thin paper, I would use thicker paper or thin card next time, but they are fun to do.  Two postings in one evening, that's good going.  Now I am off to take my many goes of Scrabble on Facebook :)  Janette I have already seen your seven letter word that you scored on one of our games :)


brenda said...

Hi Carol

I have missed so much, but what great projects this last week. The clock is fab, love those colours.

You asked if I spray my perfect pearls - the honest answer is if I remember. I don't actually think it makes a lot of difference though as once the reside has come off the colours seem to stay firm.

B x

Stephanie said...

Oh you are a clever clogs - the result is stunning!
Hugs, Steph xxx

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