Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Another New Home

Everyone seems to be moving this year!  I didn't have any ideas for a card and I only have one new home stamp, which although nice it is small.  This was for my sister and she likes big cards, so couldn't use that.  I had already decorated the small frame with my newly found technique, a piece from my recent blog candy win and it was Andy's idea that I used when he just said "can't you just do a home sweet home card".  My aim here was for it to look like a Victorian wall in a house with the two different wallpapers and the dado separating them, I hope she will "get it".
Like before I used different coloured embossing powders and topped it with clear UTEE, but I added some black tiny accent beads with the last layer to add some interest and texture.  I am impatient and should wait until morning to get a better picture, this is a bit wishy washy really and I may replace it with a better one!


My name is CINDY...... said...

Ooh Caro am still liking the results you are getting with this technique (whatever you use lol) though I haven't done much crafting lately. You have also reminded me that I forgot to send a card to a friend who moved house - I am soooo feeling the urge to get messy today!!

lisa said...

This really does look like a wallpapered wall Carol, I love it. The embossed picture is fantastic.
Your sister will treasure it.


craftingmanda said...

beautiful i love that frame

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