Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Oz and Mum-in-Law, oh and Gandmother!

My son lives in Sydney and got married at the end of March to Anna in Woolgoolga NSW. Had a lovely three week holiday, firstly flying into Brisbane to see my sister's family members, drove down to Woolgoolga for the wedding, stayed a week and then took a three day drive to get to Sydney and flew home after a week.  Met some lovely people, stayed in some nice places, saw some beautiful views and generally had a good time, although now have a few pennies less in my pocket!  Managed to find one or two items of cloth, silk and patterns to bring home, now need to make them into something!

Going to be a Grandmother in January, a honeymoon baby, so something else to get excited about. Made my Daughter In Law this free standing photo frame and inserted the 3d scan of the bubba. Can you see his/her little face?

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