Thursday, 26 February 2009

Altered Mirrors

Woke up with a terrible headache this morning, which has lasted for the whole day. I hate that happening to me, which seems to be more frequent lately.....still will probably feel fine tomorrow. Andy and I are travelling north to be at the Sunday service at Neil and Janette's church where they will reaffirm their wedding vows, this I think is very romantic as I have lived with her brother for nearly 14 years now and we have never even managed one wedding! Oh well at least their Mum did get her two weddings, just from the same person. Oh Andy was married before, but we won't mention that, lol. I made this mirror some time ago and have decied to give it to Janette and Neil on Sunday, this will really go with their colours in their living room, hope they like it.

Yesterday I attended a beading class, which I enjoyed immensely - so much that I spent the afternoon threading beads, but mostly picking beads up from the floor. I am hoping that I feel better tomorrow so I can make something to wear with my outfit on Sunday, I have already made the earrings and want a necklace to match....let's see if I manage to get everything done tomorrow as I also want to buy some wool to knit a felted bag. I found this absolutely great shop, which is like an Aladdin's cave to a crafter, it really is a one stop shop for crafters - you can get EVERYTHING you need there and they are making it bigger. I must take Janette there when she next visits. Clever thing though, they call it "THE CHEAP SHOP" but I didn't find it cheap at all, clever though and I will probably spend at least 2-3 hrs in there just to take it all in.....
Here's one I did earlier, which I gave to a friend for Christmas 2008: -
Well.......I suppose I must get to bed now otherwise I will have another headache tomorrow!

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My name is CINDY...... said...

The mirrors are stunning - I particularly like the green and orange colourway. This was a funproject.

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