Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Apples & Blackberries

It seems early to me somehow, but we picked some ripe apples and blackberries from our garden, not many, but the first few and I'm always excited about the prospect of eating apple chutney with my cheese and jam on my toast!

I didn't take a photo of the chutney but I made only two jars of apple chutney with red onion and garlic and one pot of blackberry jam...mmmmmm We had the chutney with some roast pork and crusty bread followed by crusty bread and jam for dessert. I will have to start making bigger quantities of chutney as friends will start asking for it. This year I think I will be a bit cunning and hide one or two jars for ourselves later in the year, instead of running out about May.
My blackberry jam....mmmmmmmm


Janette said...

looks fab, I love the trug you have for your apples etc too. ha ha at least I'll now know to ask you for chutney next spring - you won't be able to say no cos I'll know thats a porky!!

we've picked loads of blackberries too from over the fency but we've eaten them before they've even reached the kitchen, oh well never mind maybe next time

take care

Jodi said...

That sounds like fun to pick berries and make jam too!! looks yummy!~
Jodi =)

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