Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Broken Ribs? No crafting for a while :(

Just come back from a short trip from our friends in Brno, Czech Republic and had both a wonderful and frightning time......

The reason I have also described this trip as wonderful and frightning is that we had a car accident and I am suffering from the pain of cracked/broken ribs. I went to the hospital yesterday and they say that I could have one or two broken ribs and because they cannot do anything for it (apart from strong pain killers) they do not even bother x-raying you and subject you to unnecessary radiation. The road was wet and it was an unfortunate accident, but luckily noone was hurt badly, apart from Radek's bank account (maybe).  We were on our way to Vienna, which was a second attempt as the first time we forgot to take our we think Vienna doesn't want us!

We always experience such a lovely time when we visit our friends, Daniela and Radek and their three children, they always make our stay there such an interesting one.  This trip coincided with the wine harvest and the tasting of the new wine is a very exciting time there.  Here I am with Radek, we went straight from the airport to this wine tasting house and before I knew it I had sampled 4 or 5 glasses of delicous reds and whites whilst eating cheese, bread and a special pate that they make there, we call it "pig fat pate", lol as it is made from pork crackling.

These are small wine cellars and very typical of this area.  It looks like a scene from Lord Of The Rings, but once inside you are faced with a small area where they press the grapes and prepare the wine before storing in the barells and then beyond the room is a small cellar, all very fascinating.

Radek spoke to the owner of this cellar and asked if we could come in an have a look, the owner was very proud, giving us lots of information, but of course spoken in Czech with Radek translating for us.  Again, we did not leave here without a jug of wine being served to Andy and I,  the guy just kept filling our glasses, lol.  Drunk in the afternoon, haven't done that in a while.  Radek of course was driving and the owner working, so it was down to Andy and I to finish the jug and not offend him or insult his hospitality!

There were grapes growing everywhere, it was very beautiful!

You would be forgiven for thinking that this was a normal little village, in fact the WHOLE village is dedicated to wine cellars and these ones are a bit different from the previous ones shown as they have an upper floor.  We have been in one of these before and the rooms upstairs was a tasting room and a kitchen/toilet, but some of these are used for accomodation, just one bedroom/bathroom, very small, but quaint I would imagine.  There is only one guest house in this village with 20 rooms, which is also dedicated to wine as they are wine growers too, the rest of the buildings are wine cellars - every single one of them, very unusual I thought.


brenda said...

Hi Carol

Good to have you back great pictures and pleased you enjoyed it but such a shame it ended on a low note.

Do take care and look forward to seeing you back crafting when you feel up to it.

B x

Godelieve said...

Broken ribs!! Sounds painful!
Take care.

Janette said...

oh Carol hope you are all ok - was my big lummux of a brother alright - did you take the brunt of the accident? Hope you heal up ok soon. Fine pair of crafters we are what with your ribs and my wrist!!! Your photos are wonderful - you make Brno sound so nice I would love to see it one day. Can't wait till half term to catch up seems like ages since we spent time together.

take care my big sis. See you soon

My name is CINDY...... said...

Oh dear, hope you are feeling a bit better!! Should have done the wine tasting after, might have taken the pain away! Looks like you had a good trip.

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a lovely time, and a drunken one too i think hehe :) Hope your ribs heal soon that must be painful but thank goodness you are ok
hugs June xxxx

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