Friday, 23 October 2009

Had to make a card!

Still not properly better, but felt well enough to sit down and make a card yesterday as my niece is going to be 40 next week.....I can't believe that I have a niece that old, I was a very young Auntie (nine years old), my nephew is 43!  I am nearer their ages than my brothers.  I'm afraid that I was Mum and Dad's mistake, lol.  I haven't done anything for so long it seems and I couldn't picture anything in my head so decided to decorate two wooden numbers and make the card around that....hmmmmm not sure if I actually like it, probably because I had so much trouble with it.  I put three layers of matt gold embossing powder on, stamped it and then topped it with a layer of clear UTEE and the gold underneath reacted in rather a nice way.....perhaps you can see it on the next photo?


Godelieve said...

Looks really good! Love the embossing on the numbers and also the Penny Black (?) flower on the background. Awesome shape!!
Good to see you crafting again :)

brenda said...

Hi Carol

Sorry you are still suffering, these problems can take their time.

I like the effects you have created here, sort of a vintage feel to it which is always a hit with me.

B x

Carolands said...

I got this effect by accident really, but will try it out again. I used three coats of matt gold embossing powder, a cheap jar of "heat it up" and then one layer of clear UTEE and the gold underneath reacted and I love the result, sort of looks vintage (I hate that word, but seems to fit), lol.

Astrid Maclean said...

Great card and I love the effect, thanks for explaining above how you did it.
Hope those ribs will be really better soon!!

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