Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Well I thought I would join in, in showing you all what a mess my craft desk is, this is just where I work, not where I store my things, that's another story!  Are you all the same where you start of neat and tidy and then gradually your space gets smaller and smaller until you are forced to have a tidy up?  I like to surround myself in my mistakes too so I don't do them again and I have post-it notes and pieces of project that have gone wrong pinned up everywhere!  What's yours like?


brenda said...

Something good always comes of of the mistakes if you try, so leaving them close makes sure you don't duch out and send them to the bin.

B x

Jan said...

Ha, ha! I was trying to tidy mine this afternoon and gave up in the end, deciding I have too much 'stuff' and too little space to ever be tidy or organised. At least I now have a few square inches to work in after my efforts today. Trouble is I have a bad habit of not finishing one project before getting side-tracked with something else so I have piles of unfinished bits around. I DO know where everything is though!
The shelf above your desk looks VERY organised ...all in a neat row!

Sally H said...

Mine is worse! I've knocked over my water pot tonight and had to throw a shepherd away!

lisa said...

A messy desk means lots of creativity.. I think!!!! Well that's my excuse anyway. You're so good keeping your mistakes like that. Mine go straight in the bin 'cos I feel very unartistic when it all goes wrong!!!!
I definitely agree about the working space getting smaller and smaller. I'm so relieved that there are messy people like me out there.
Happy Crafting!


Janette said...

ha ha, at least you can see your desk - as you know I can't even get into the room where I was meant to do stuff. At least now I'm crocheting I've only taken over the sofa, oh and a knitting bag in the corner, oh and a couple of storage boxes in the front room, oh and half the dining table - see it never changes here xxx my space doesn't get smaller - I just spread out into the next room instead. xxxx

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