Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Glad to be back!

It's my Sister's birthday on Friday and to be honest I haven't done much crafting since Christmas - two reasons for this I think.....1)  My craft desk and work space were combined and I moved my work space down into the dining room (temporarily) thinking it would be great to have a desk just for crafting, but I haven't done much at all since I moved.  Usually I am working away, on my computer but looking longingly at inks and stamps and ideas are springing up in my head, so maybe it was a case of out of sight, out of mind and 2) I've quite got into crocheting and have been enjoying sitting in front of the TV, fleece blanket over me and discovering how relaxing it is to sit and crochet little flowers and trying new things out, making my own stitches up.  Maybe now (at last) the weather is warming up a bit I will not need the cozy zone as much, lol  It is my Son's birthday tomorrow, although I have already wished him happy birthday as he lives in Sydney so it is already Thursday morning there....but I sent him a shop bought card....OH NO!!!! I didn't have any ideas for him and time was running out - am I a bad Mother?
The main image was a Craft Stamper freebie and I stamped it into air dry clay, sponged some water spritzed ink over it and then rubbed in a little gilt cream.  I added some glossy accents.....I rather like this stamp.  The background paper is from an old Basic Grey pad.......Anyway I did enjoy making this so maybe I'm back on track and you will see more of me on here once again.


Jan said...

Hiya Carol! Great to see you back! Lovely card and that stamping into the dry clay works SO well... fantastic effect.
Time now, maybe, to put the crochet to one side and make some more cards ?!!

Sally H said...

Hi Carol! I love this card! The colours, the clay, all of it! I too combine work and craft space, although it is due for a major tidy as it is getting very chaotic!

My name is CINDY...... said...

I just popped over to answer your question about the bleach but as usual there is something stunning to look at. I love this little stamp and this is a really different way to use it - great card! It is my son's 16th this week and I did make a card but those men and boys are so difficult aren't they - he does play the electric guitar so I bought a set of 'rock star' stamps and made a card with that - justified the expense by saying I don't have anything for boys at all!! Oh and the bleach was undiluted but it was cheap supermarket own brand so probably not the strongest available. Take care.

Heavens2Betsy said...

I am a new visitor Carol having just hopped over to your blog. Love what you are doing here - its all fab!

Tonje said...

Fabolous card! I love how the clay piece of it came out and the green color you used! Really artsy!

Susie Jefferson said...

I do like this - fancy it being a CS freebie! It looks really classy and like your treatment with the gilt cream etc.

Thanks so much for visiting me - or I wouldn't have found you!

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