Saturday, 27 February 2010

30 Days has September........why don't I remember?


I do this every year!!!  It starts nearing the end of February, e.g. 25th and I start thinking oh must make a card for Peter (my brother) and then realisation sets in and I remember there are only 28 days in February , his birthday is in a couple of days time and have a big panic on to get his card to him ON TIME......lo and behold it happened again this year............... just when am I going to learn?

I seem to have men to make cards for lately and as usual stumped for a theme.  I wanted to do something a bit different, so have made him a wooden card come wall hanging.

I have used some material saved from packaging of pressed flowers, which is very like Grungepaper or Grungeboard, sponged it with colour from ink pads spritzed with water, stamped, distressed the edges and stuck onto a piece of decorated Balsa wood firstly painted with a cream emulsion (old match pot from the 1829 range), this has a chalky matt finish - I happened to have it  left over from decorating.  The wood was then stamped with Ranger Lettuce and edged in gold gilt cream.  The Balsa wood has taken the paint really well and it is still light, so okay for putting a first class large stamp on.

It is not perfect, a bit out of square and I didn't mat it very well either as I was rushing and the thing is that my Brother is a tiler where everything is straight and square, hope he doesn't notice too much!


Godelieve said...

Gorgeous card! Love the idea of using balsa wood.

brenda said...

Hi Carol

Very nice indeed, you really have produced a lovely finished piece of artwork.

If you are like me you really enjoyed the messy inking etc, it's sort of rewarding isn'nt it.

B x

Jan said...

Lovely card Carol and what a great idea! I love the stamp and the background effects on the card and the balsa wood. Your brother's goig to love it!

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