Thursday, 3 February 2011


Every year around the end of January I suddenly panic that I have five birthday cards to make for next week!  I am still in the "keep it simple" mode as I am trying to dedicate most of my crafting time to textiles at the moment as I attend a class every Thursday evening local to where I live and I am getting a bit embarrassed now that I am still on the same project that I started last May.  I still want to make cards, altered art and crochet so as you can tell I am spreading myself a bit thin, lol.  Here are my efforts for this year, four females and one male, the male cards always being difficult ones, but I remembered I could fold origami shirts and I hadn't sent him one before.  I think I've almost exhausted the Tiki Idol stamp for all my male relatives and friends which is a shame as it is one of my favourites and it makes a lovely card every time!

Oh......isn't it Valentines next week....another one to make on the quick!  Anyway......enough of my gabbling, here are my efforts: -

The Same, But Different!
Nothing much to tell here, I dyed the stems with Ecoline and used a rub on for the wording
you can see how I have made the rest of them

And the origami shirt folded with the wrong paper really, but I like this paper and didn't have any real washi paper

Their birthdays are tomorrow and Friday, so Janette if you are reading this, Happy Birthday my Darling x

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Anonymous said...

Ohh fabulous fun cards. I have a few this month, two this week but most of my family birthdays in feb are for men so have to be careful what i create hehe
Also if you get chance pop by my blog and grab your freebie.
Have a lovely week
hugs June

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